1. What is a coupon? or Why should I use a coupon?

    A coupon is a method to save money while shopping. Using a coupon gets you a price that is lower than the otherwise listed price.

  2. What are the different types of coupons?

    There are two main types of coupons on this site.
    • The first type is one in which you have to enter a number or code to get the discount. For these types of coupons, you will see a pop-up window when you click the link "Click here for coupon". You need to enter this number or code into a box provided at the retailers website to activate the coupon.
    • For the second type, you need not enter any code. You only have to click on the "Get the coupon" link and the coupon is automatically activated. Usually the page that appears once you click the link will show some information regarding the coupon like a banner saying "Coupon Activated" or some similar text. You can now proceed to add items to your cart. You will see the discount when you do the check out.
  3. Can I use the coupon in a brick and mortar store?

    No. The coupons available on this site are only available for shopping online.
    You might want to consider the convenience and savings that you will get while shopping online instead of going to the store.

  4. What are the other names in which a coupon is referred to?

    Coupon Code, Coupon Number, Discount Coupon, Discount Code, Promo Code, Promotion Code, Promotional Code, Rebate Coupon, Rebate Code, etc.

  5. For how long is a coupon valid?

    Usually a coupon is valid only for a limited time. If an expiry date is available, the date will be listed near the link for the coupon. Otherwise it might be mentioned as "Unknown". In very rare cases, coupons are listed as "No Expiry". This means that the coupon does not expire in the forseeable future.

  6. Are there any restrictions on the use of the coupon code?

    Usually there are some restrictions on the use of a coupon. Some coupons are valid only for certain skus while other coupons are valid only for UK orders. Some merchants only allow certain number of uses of the coupon, for example HP. In most cases the restrictions are give near the expiry date.

  7. Who can use a coupon? or Are the coupons valid for all customers?
    Most of the coupons can be used by anyone who shops online. For some merchants the coupons are valid only for "New Customers" or first time customers. In these cases, the offer will mention that the coupon is valid only for new customers.

  8. Why are some coupons only valid for "New Customers"?

    Some merchants have coupons only for New Customers or have special coupons for New Customers. This is a method retail merchants use to get more people as their customer base. A "New Customer" usually means a new email id and/or a new credit card. You might want to consider ordering the item in your spouse's/friend's/ relative's name or alternate email id/credit card in order to get the discount from the coupon.

  9. Where/When do I see the discount?

    This varies from retailer to retailer. In some cases, the discount is shown on the listing page itself, while some merchants show the savings only when you and the item to the cart. Yet others show the rebate only once you sign into the website or proceed to the check out section. In any case please verify the discount before you click on the button that finalizes the order.

  10. Why do I not see the discount?

    If you do not see the discount even towards the final stages of the checkout there are a few possible reasons. For one, you may not have entered the coupon correctly. If it is a coupon number or code, it is often easier and safer to copy the code and paste it in the coupon box of the merchant. This way you will not make mistakes like entering a '0' instead of a 'O'. The other possible reason is that the coupon may have expired (either due to the expiry date or due to the restriction on the number of uses). Another possible reason is that the coupon may not be valid on the item or the sku which you are ordering. Please note that we at MeanCoupons, try our best to keep the coupons up to date with all the restrictions listed. In case you find a coupon is not working, please do report to us so that we can check it and make any corrections required.

  11. Whom do I contact if my coupon still does not work?

    If after following all the instructions and checking for any mistakes, you coupon still does not work, you need to contact the merchant to see what is wrong. If you cannot find the contact information for the merchant, MeanCoupons can help you find it. In addition, please also let us know the coupon with which you were having difficulty by sending an email to admin@meancoupons.co.uk.

  12. What do I do if the FAQ still does not answer my question?

    Please send us an email at admin@meancoupons.co.uk.

  13. Where do I send a comment/appreciation/testimonial?

    Please send your comments/testimonials to admin@meancoupons.co.uk.
    We love to hear from you.